565 Beulah Rd.
Turtle Creek, PA 15145


Panta Rhei, a certified woman-owned business, offers a full range of creative services, from writing, directing and videography to graphic design, video editing, animation, set construction, programming and consultation.  We’re at our best and most efficient when we manage a project from concept through to delivery and replication.  


Panta Rhei has solid experience in several market sectors.  Our portfolio is particularly rich in health care --  promoting facilities and services, educating patients and the general public, training practitioners and demonstrating equipment use, to name a few.  The same skill, communicating complex concepts to a general audience, makes us valuable to scientific and industrial companies.  These organizations must educate potential customers to understand the benefits of products and services.  Our reel includes twenty years of building, construction and HVAC-related communications, from taping on job sites to demonstrating correct installation.  Located in Pittsburgh, we've learned a lot about metals.  Panta Rhei videographers have spent weeks documenting steel, aluminum and refractory processes.   And we must mention nonprofits.  Also, safety, human resources, economic development, the nuclear industry....  To view samples of our work in these and other industries, visit our portfolio.



Our forte is forming close working relationships with clients and serving as creative, visual, digital advocates on their communications teams.  We get to know customers’ products and services, audiences and executives, tradeshow schedules and in-house capabilities, style and venues, so we come up to speed on projects in record time and require minimal supervision.  For many of our customers, time is a precious commodity, so we offer a production process which invites input without monopolizing time.  


The DVD was so well received at the employee meetings that our planning team requested a second program a few weeks later.

 Luanne Radermacher
Corporate Communications Manager, MEDRAD, Inc.