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Or How We Make Sure Your Ship Comes In
Setting out on a communications project is exhilarating.  The wind is in your hair, cash jingles in your pocket and your spirit rises to the possibility of the compelling and glamorous possibilities which lie ahead.  Once you get under way, however, political undercurrents, cumbersome review processes and an excess of information luggage can push your project off course. Whether you’re working on a mailing or a meeting, a DVD or a download, our process keeps you out of the rocks, so you enjoy the journey. 

Preproduction: Setting the Course
At the outset of each project, we believe it is important to clarify objectives, define audiences and select appropriate communication channels.  Once we know where we’re headed, our experienced crew is adept at getting you where you want to go… on time and in budget.  To keep the final destination clearly in mind, we use a variety of navigational tools from flow charts to scripts, storyboards to location scouts, which are designed to keep wind in the sails. 

Production: Adapting to the Circumstances
Under the direction of Richard Marsh, Panta Rhei has produced scores of award-winning projects.  Whether it’s a teleprompter for the captain, an elaborate custom set or special camera housing for a harsh industrial environment, we know how to select, schedule, equip and manage the right talent to get the job done.  Our enthusiasm, flexibility, safety awareness and professionalism promote a production environment which encourages quality, teamwork and even a bit of fun.

Post:  Fly Your True Colors
Our editors, animators and programmers know the digital ropes.  We use the latest technology to produce dynamic juxtapositions of image, music, pace, mood and character.  Non-linear editing and customizable music allow us to fine tune programs for quality, nuance and impact.  Whether we’re programming a CD, keying performers over animated graphics or bearing down on a tradeshow deadline, we get it right -- right for the audience, right for the medium, right for the message and, of course, right our customers.  


You and Richard are a pleasure to work with even when snow closes the airports and there isn't a decent cup of coffee within a three county area.

 Beth Simkanin