565 Beulah Rd.
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

What are you using for field recording?
We are currently shooting primarily with the Sony PMW 350 HD camcorder.  It shoots on 2/3" CMOS chips at full raster 1920x1080 using Sony's proprietary SxS Solid State memory cards in 60i, 30p and 24p.  Check out the details on the About Us page / Camera Package link for more details. We have a variety of lighting kits, grip stands and reflectors, lavaliere and shotgun microphones plus a doorway dolly and an 8' jib arm.   Our package is fine for most requirements, but we also have a strong rental network to cover special exceptions.


Do you offer studio as well as location videography?
Yes, we shoot in the studio regularly. We have good working relationships with several nearby studios, so we are able to book projects into the studio which is the right size and offers the right features.


Do you have video editing capabilities?
Sure do. We operate two fully equipped Final Cut Pro 7.0 edit suites running on Mac Pro workstations. We use Sony's XD CAM transfer software to import the media from the SxS cards. We also have a Panasonic DVC Pro 50 and Sony Beta SP decks to handle other SD formats  For graphics and effects, we’re using Adobe AfterFX, PhotoShop and Maya 3-D.


Can you provide music?
You bet.  These days most of our music is custom, because we’re using software which allows us to adjust the length, arrangement and instrumentation of each piece so it fits the production precisely.  We also have a long working relationship with one of the world’s largest royalty music libraries, which puts millions of cuts just a download away. If you prefer a totally original track or would like a jingle, we call in one of several talented composers.  We also have a narration booth and sound effects library on site, so you’ll find everything you need to put together a great soundtrack.


Can I use stills from the video on my website?  How about in print?
If your video was shot in high definition, it will be fine for video and web applications. In some cases, the image will be 72 dpi @ 1920x1080, which is decent for small print uses. Standard definition, although 72 dpi, is only 720x480. This will be more difficult to use in HD productions, but acceptable in many web applications.  If you’re looking for a front page photo for a brochure, don’t look to video.  However, if you’re looking for a small photo to illustrate an application on the inside page, a video still may be fine. 


Can I add video to my website?
If you have good video, by all means, use it. Most websites are using Windows Media (wmv), Quicktime or Flash files, but you’ll have to check with your webmaster or service provider for specifics.  In general, shorter programs are much better suited for the web.


When we submit materials, what file formats do you prefer?

Great question!  For logos, we prefer .eps because they can be scaled to any size and still give us nice clean edges.  For photos, we prefer .tiff or .psd formats.  We like to get photos as close to the original quality as possible and do any necessary resizing ourselves.


How should I send my materials to you?

We recommend using one of the free on-line delivery services, such as You Send It, or call us for our ftp information.  Please don’t email any attachment larger than 2 megabytes. 




When we created the brand programming three years ago, I don't think any of us realized how useful and well received it would be.... Thank you for creating a series of programs which continue to provide MEDRAD with exceptional value.

 David F. Kent
Global Conventions & Traffic Manager, MEDRAD, Inc.